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The world's longest jellyfish: Arctic haze jellyfish tentacles are more than 40 meters long


Anecdote > Odd

The world's longest jellyfish: Arctic haze jellyfish tentacles are more than 40 meters long

Those who live by the sea must have seen jellyfish. They are relatively common underwater plankton, floating in a transparent manner, and are a beautiful creature. There are hundreds of different kinds of jellyfish in the world, do you know which is the longest jellyfish in the world? Nov 09, 2023

The longest jellyfish in the world

The Arctic Kasumi jellyfish is a very lowly coelenterate, and a huge-sized Kasumi jellyfish among jellyfish species. The Kasumi jellyfish tentacles are pulled apart, and the length from the tip of one tentacle to the tip of the tentacle of the other is seventy-four meters. Therefore, the Arctic jellyfish is the longest animal in the world.


Arctic jellyfish morphological characteristics

They are mainly distributed in the Atlantic Ocean, the diameter of the umbrella can reach 2.5 meters which look like, the umbrella has eight groups of long tentacles underneath, each group of tentacles have about 150 which look like. Each tentacle can reach more than 40 meters after elongation, and can instantly contract to its original length.


Life Habits of the Arctic jellyfish

The Arctic jellyfish may look nice and docile, but they are actually very fierce. The long, thin tentacles at the lower end of the umbrella are their digestive organs, and they are also their weapons for hunting food. The tentacles are covered with dense stinging cells, just like the poisonous silk can secrete venom, once the prey is stabbed will be quickly paralyzed until death. They have no respiratory organs and circulatory system, only the most primitive digestive organs, the food captured can only be digested and absorbed in the cavity.


Arctic haze jellyfish toxicity

The stinging cells on top of their tentacles are a scent sac containing many toxins. Once we people or animals touch them, or lightly touch them, the jellyfish will quickly pop out a hollow tube filament, and the venom will slowly flow to our people or animals. If you touch it and do not get timely treatment within a few hours, your life will be very difficult to keep, which is very scary.


Arctic Haze Jellyfish World Record

The Guinness Book of World Records records an Arctic haze jellyfish that washed up in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean in 1879 in Massachusetts Bay, USA. Their bell-shaped diameter is typically 2.28 meters and their tentacles are about 36.5 meters long.