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The world's largest artificial rainbow: 31,000 students and teachers together


Anecdote > Odd

The world's largest artificial rainbow: 31,000 students and teachers together

A rainbow is an optical phenomenon in meteorology. When sunlight hits water droplets in mid-air, the light is refracted and reflected, creating an arching spectrum of colors in the sky. Everyone can see a rainbow when the rain clears. The world's largest man-made rainbow was created by 31,000 students and faculty members who celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines with this artificial rainbow. Nov 27, 2023

Principle of the Artificial Rainbow

In 2004, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines celebrated its 100th anniversary, and the year 1904-2004 is exactly 100 years, so with the sudden idea of the whole school faculty and students, they formed this artificial rainbow that broke the Guinness World Record. And the biggest rainbow was created in 2003, the location of the creation is in Marta Floriana, do this artificial rainbow is mainly to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the school

The school is full of science and technology students, so it is not a difficult thing to make a rainbow. But it requires a lot of human and material resources, but also the use of some resources. The manufacture of the rainbow is the use of optical phenomena, sunlight refraction to the water, and then the light refraction again, and the phenomenon of reflection, so that the color spectrum can appear.

In fact, rainbows are formed mainly because of the sunlight, the dispersion of the light and the reflection of the light when it is closest to the droplets, and the phenomenon of reflection. Rainbows are generally curved in shape and very colorful. Rainbows are often seen in East Asia and China, and the phenomenon of heptachromatic light, which is thought to be produced by light alone, is not as simple as that.


Various ways to make an artificial rainbow

In fact, want to create an artificial rainbow is not difficult, at home you can style a style, but not as big as the students of the Polytechnic University to make a rainbow. First prepare a cup, and put the cup next to the window, but also need sunny weather, and also prepare a lighter color paper on the floor at home, and then wet the glass with water, slowly to adjust the cup will be able to see the rainbow.

There is also a mirror can be used to create a rainbow, in a darker room inside, the first will be a small mirror. Put in a glass of water. Then pick up a flashlight inside the cup for shining, slowly move until the rainbow appears on the wall, then the experiment is successful.