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The oldest vine in the world: the tree is 176 years old and produces 7 tons of grapes per year


Anecdote > Odd

The oldest vine in the world: the tree is 176 years old and produces 7 tons of grapes per year

Many of us have seen vines with wrinkled branches, the thickest of which are as weak as a child's arm. But do you know how long such a "weak" vine can survive? The average vine is about 60 years old, and the oldest vine in the world is 176 years old. Feb 02, 2024

The world's oldest vine

The oldest vine in the world is a vine located in California, and it is important to understand that the age of a vine is not only influenced by local natural factors, but also by other external factors. To live to 176 years old is a miracle.

This vine was planted by an unknown American in 1842, and many others were planted with it at that time, but it was the only one that lived strongly until 176 years. The local residents built many iron frames at the trunk of the tree in order to make the long-lived vine grow better. However, because the vines are too large, the iron frame often collapses. Therefore, every year, someone will repair the iron frame. The vine looks very old and decrepit from the outside.

On the surface, the thick and thin trunk looks coiled and folded, and the bark has dried up, looking like it is dying, but in fact it is still very strong, and the annual production of the vine can reach almost 7 tons, which is 2 to 3 times more than the average grape production. Because the vine has lived for a long time without suffering any diseases or natural disasters, the local residents believe that the vine is blessed by the spirits and has good genes, so families come to graft the vine. The vine was then jokingly called the "Mother of Vines".

So far, the grapes produced by the vine have been distributed to poor people in remote areas to ensure that they can enjoy the grapes even if they cannot afford the fruit. Although some people have tried to buy the vine for a large sum of money, they were prevented from doing so by the government authorities. So the local government has classified the vine as a public resource. Ensuring that it is not anyone's private property is the only way the value of the vine can be fully realized.


Nowadays, the vine is considered a "tourist attraction" and word of mouth has made the California vine known to everyone. Many people come from all over the world just to see such a productive vine. The huge traffic has also brought great economic benefits to the local California area, and the tree has even been conquered by the local community as a "special attraction" for people to see.