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Russia's most powerful military weapon: one Salmat is equivalent to 1,600 Hiroshima nuclear bombs


Anecdote > Scientific Exploration

Russia's most powerful military weapon: one Salmat is equivalent to 1,600 Hiroshima nuclear bombs

As one of the five permanent members of the United Nations, Russia lags behind the other four countries in terms of economy, but the military power of the Russian army is one of the best in the world. Russia has recently announced one of the world's most powerful weapons, once launched will make all anti-missile systems are disabled, the power is huge, one shot is equivalent to 1600 Hiroshima nuclear bombs, is this the strongest killer of the Russian military? This weapon that scares the West is Russia's Salmat intercontinental ballistic missile, its maximum range of more than 10,000 kilometers, NATO countries are basically covered by the range of this missile. Jan 27, 2024

Russia's most powerful military weapon

The Salmat missile is numbered RS-28 among the Russian military, while NATO has named it SS-X-30, and even more so with the Westerners' greatest fear of Satan as the nickname for this missile, calling it Satan II. It is no wonder that the West is so afraid of this missile, because the performance of this weapon is indeed very powerful, and this weapon belongs to the heavy liquid-fueled land-based strategic intercontinental ballistic missile, which was first tested in This weapon is a heavy liquid-fueled land-based strategic ballistic missile that first began testing in 2015 and was officially unveiled in 2018, in short, a weapon to replace the SS-18 Satanic missile previously equipped by the Russian military.

The missile's body length reaches 35.5 meters and its diameter reaches 8 meters, which can hold 178 tons of fuel. Because of the use of a liquid engine, the missile's engine has the advantage of being higher than the punch. The maximum takeoff weight reaches 208.1 tons, of which the payload is close to 10 tons, according to the relevant analysis, this missile can carry up to 10 heavy guided nuclear warheads or 15 medium warheads.

In addition, the Sarmat theoretically has the ability to carry the Vanguard hypersonic strike, a gliding hypersonic warhead with a terminal velocity of more than Mach 10, which means it will not only be able to cross the defense line set up by the U.S. air defense system at a very high speed, but will also be able to maneuver in the process, making the enemy misjudge its landing point, thus maximizing the disruption of the enemy's action to intercept it.

And what makes the U.S. feel even more frightened is that because of the excellent delivery capacity of this missile, even one of the sub-guided nuclear warheads, which often has hundreds of thousands of tons of TNT equivalent, even if only one warhead is not intercepted by the U.S. air defense system, the casualties and property damage caused will be huge, not to mention that Russia's Sarmat is equipped with a variety of active and passive anti-interception measures, which means that the U.S. military's proud SAD and Patriot air defense and anti-missile systems in the interception of this missile, it is likely to completely lose its role, and thus the entire U.S. homeland into a piece of rubble.

And the Salmat missile is not the only killer weapon in Russia's hands, in addition to this missile, the Russian military is also equipped with a large number of strategic missile nuclear submarines and Tu 160 strategic bombers, capable of launching strategic missile strikes against the United States from the air and below the surface, it can be said that the U.S. military is afraid of Russia precisely because of these strategic missiles equipped by the Russian military.