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The world's rarest smiley spider, the body is only 5 mm long


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The world's rarest smiley spider, the body is only 5 mm long

In our planet there are a variety of strange animals, but there are some rare animals appear that is still quite an eye-opener. When it comes to smiley spiders, refers to the spider will smile, this smiley spider is very unique, the body has a smiley pattern, the abdomen where the colorful, looks very cute. Feb 13, 2024

The world's rarest smiley spider

The smiley face spider is a spider with a smiley face pattern on its body in Hawaii, USA. It has colored spots on its abdomen that resemble a human face. The spider is small, just 5 millimeters in size, non-toxic, and very similar to the human face spider. This smiley-faced spider can now only be found on four of the Hawaiian Islands.

Each smiley spider has a different pattern, so that each smiley face is unique, according to scientists explained that each spider has a different pattern, which is related to the islands where they are distributed and the different food they consume.

The abdomen of the smiley spider is mostly spherical and almost transparent. It is not poisonous. However, due to the invasion of exotic species, the smiley spider is facing the threat of extinction, because this smiley spider itself is very rare, so the number is extremely small, unlike the ghost spider, which can be found everywhere.

Smiley spiders, which are miniature spiders, show a variety of patterns on their abdomens, many of which resemble human faces, and although the patterns presented are different, they all originate from the same species. Scientists say that the diversity of patterns in the abdomen of spiders is due to genetic variation, but also by the impact of the food eaten.

Smiley spider is a non-toxic spider, it does not pose any harm to the human body, its abdominal human pattern is also mainly used to intimidate other predators, so please rest assured that if you encounter this spider when traveling in Hawaii, please do not be afraid, it will not hurt you, and do not go to kill it Oh!