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Fitness Equipment | How to choose a suitable for their own yoga mat?


Fitness > Equipment

Fitness Equipment | How to choose a suitable for their own yoga mat?

Fitness is important, but the equipment must be chosen well, choose together to fit your yoga mat it Dec 01, 2023

- Yoga mat purchase details -


- Yoga mat material -

When choosing a yoga mat, you should focus on its anti-slip, wear resistance and environmental protection. Anti-slip is to consider the safety of use, wear resistance to consider the length of use, and environmental consideration is mainly for the odorless and antibacterial effect.

The yoga mat material is different, corresponding to the three characteristics are also different. Generally speaking, yoga mat material can be divided into TRE, PVC, NBR, linen and Tianhe rubber 5 kinds.

PVC material

Suitable for people: beginners

Average price: less than $20

Pros: affordable, good durability, easy to clean

Disadvantages: poor anti-slip for people who sweat easily

PVC is the most common material on the market today, and many gyms use this material; it is affordable; and the material has poor absorption of water, so it is easy to clean; but because of the poor absorption, the slip resistance is slightly lacking for sweaty partners.

TPE material

Suitable for people: beginners

Average price: $40-$50 range

Advantages: environmental protection, high cost performance, easy to carry, good anti-slip

Disadvantages: worse durability than PVC material

TPE is an environmentally friendly material, and the best feature is that it can be recycled and reused. Price aside, it has all the advantages of PVC and is suitable for people who sweat easily; however, the downside is that it is less durable than PVC and slightly more expensive than PVC.

Linen material

Suitable for people: beginners or veterans

Average price: $20-200 range

Pros: Excellent anti-slip performance

Disadvantages: poor rebound and cushioning

Linen yoga mats are divided into linen rubber mats and linen PVC mats. Linen rubber mat with linen and natural rubber as raw materials, anti-slip performance is very good, but more expensive; linen PVC mat with linen and PVC as raw materials, compared to much cheaper. But because the linen cushioning performance is not very good, not very suitable for jumping sex and kneeling type of mat sports.

Natural rubber material

Suitable for the crowd: senior

Average price: $40-$200 range

Advantages: environmental protection, good anti-slip, very durable

Disadvantages: smell, need to be cleaned from time to time, heavy

Natural rubber is environmentally friendly and has an average life span of 10 years, which is why it is more expensive. However, the open structure of the rubber mat is very easy to absorb stains, so it needs to be cleaned from time to time.


- Yoga mat size -

When you open a shopping site and search for yoga mats, you will often find "XX yoga mats thicker and wider and longer", but in fact, the bigger and thicker the yoga mat is not the better.

The standard width of the yoga mat in 61cm, the general brand will claim to widen, such as 66cm-69cm, but generally speaking, 66cm is enough to use.

If you buy a yoga mat for yoga, it is recommended that beginners choose a thickness of 6-8mm, too thick yoga mats are prone to unstable center of gravity, resulting in injuries such as broken feet.

If it is for fitness, you can choose a thicker yoga mat to protect the joints from sports injuries. Generally speaking, 8mm or more is sufficient.



- Use Tips -

After each use, it is best to use disinfectant wipes to wipe; special material yoga mat should be maintained under the guidance of the seller; yoga mat should be disinfected regularly to avoid bacterial growth and health effects.



Beginners are recommended to choose PVC or TRE material, depending on their own economic ability and decide.
Size 66cm is sufficient for use
Yoga beginners are recommended to use 6-8cm thickness, fitness beginners 8mm or more
Use must be clean, regular disinfection