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51-year-old uncle cool like a 20-year-old boy, the god of freezing age to teach you the secret of ageless!


Fitness > Motivation

51-year-old uncle cool like a 20-year-old boy, the god of freezing age to teach you the secret of ageless!

Preserve your youth from the time of youth Feb 17, 2024

Today I want to share the story of this 51 year old man named Chen Chuanduo.

I don't know what your impression is of a fifty-year-old male, but Chen Chuanduo, he is.

Excuse me, this face and body is 50 years old? It's not too much to say he's a 20 year old!

How does he keep his face? How does he maintain his body? Today let's l'jie the secret of this "frozen uncle" to stay young.

- Preserve your youth, start from the youth -

Born in 1967, Tan Chuan Toh used to be one of the top male models in Singapore. Because of his career, he has always loved sports, and although he changed his career to photographer, this good habit has been maintained.

He often says, "Preserving youth starts when you're young. If you start working out in your 20s, then what you keep is the body of your 20s; if you start working out in your 30s, then what you keep is the body of your 30s."

So, from the original to the present, he has always kept on working out.

Every week, he goes to the gym 3-5 times for heavy training, each time in about 90min; for Chen Chunduo, in addition to the need to exercise to maintain youth, another most important thing is diet.


- You are the food you eat -

Chunduo Chen has high demands on his diet.

"A person must be the food he or she eats. If you eat foods that are high in fat, then you will also be fat; but if you eat healthy foods, you will also be healthier."

Specifically for each meal, he chooses to eat fewer staples and less sugar-rich foods and more protein-rich foods with anti-aging elements.

Whenever people ask him what his maintenance tips are, he always says, "I don't have any maintenance tips, I just choose my food carefully, and I just love working out from a young age."


- Persistence is the only way to maintain -

"With a healthy diet and some exercise, the belly will go away, the body will get better and the body will be healthy." Chan Chuan Dao's secret to staying clear looks easy, but the hard part is sticking to it.

Chen Chunduo's favorite fruit is durian, and photos of him wandering through durian stalls are posted online. Occasionally, he will eat some durian, but he ensures his fitness by increasing his exercise and reducing his other intake.

Anyone can have a moment of gluttony, but Chen Chunduo is able to turn such guilt into motivation to exercise and keep working out, which is his secret to staying in shape and maintaining his youth.


- I am purely natural -

There are often questions about the fact that a 50 year old man looks like a 20 year old, and there are also questions about whether Chen Chunduo has had surgery and taken drugs, but he is purely natural.

"I tried Botox injections in my eyes, but they didn't work at all, and I haven't tried using the drug since."

Therefore, it is not reliable to try to change yourself in an extraordinary way, exercise and fitness + healthy diet is the way to go.

The following is the face change of Chen Chunduo from his debut till now, I hope you can be inspired by him, exercise well like him, eat healthy and be a better you.