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Home goodies recommended: obviously inconspicuous small things, but the use of a lot, really worth buying


Good Things > Daily necessities

Home goodies recommended: obviously inconspicuous small things, but the use of a lot, really worth buying

For many families, it is genuinely nice to be able to enjoy their home every day. However, a good home can make people happy to do living, and a bad atmosphere or environment, so that people are not happy to look at, very affect the mood. Therefore, the home should be as good as possible to decorate some, they are also happy. Feb 11, 2024

1、Shoe cabinet expansion shoe bracket
Shoe cupboard within the use of shoe rest, at first I thought, we are rushing to place up neat and good-looking to go!

Later, I found out that the main role is to expand the capacity of the shoe cabinet. Shoe tray single upper and lower two storage methods, making full use of the vertical space in the cabinet, cutting the area occupied by the partition, the amount of shoe storage instantly doubled.

Incidentally, it also makes the cabinet shoes visually neat and orderly value, the price is cheap, than a variety of shoe racks are much better.

2、 Extended waterproof gloves
Long-term housework friends must know that doing cleaning with bare hands, hands are prone to become rough, no longer delicate and smooth, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, but also leave a heavy callus, hands than the face is also aging.

People who often do housework, do not miss this good helper for housework, it is a long waterproof anti-dirty gloves, not only can deep waterproof, cuffs are not easy to fall off, even if a long time in the water, will not get wet sleeves, but also to take care of your hands.

This glove is made of thickened latex material, good sealing, waterproof and oil-proof can also be leak-proof; tough and tear-resistant, not easy to break. Wear it, cleaning will not hurt the hands.

3、 Kitchen shelves
This is a kitchen goodies, vegetable shelves, space-saving multi-level. There may be a lot of people worried, since it is loaded with vegetables, then it is certainly the use of materials tested, pp material, for the public, absolutely safe.

It is a multi-level storage rack, the bottom also has pulleys, easy to move, and still open design, easy to take things. Occupies a small area, saving space, for the small kitchen family this is too practical it.

4、 Retractable slit hook
Speaking of its face is really very general, hard plastic texture, the first look is difficult to see.

But in fact, it is called the kitchen "gap gods", the side of the cabinet gap is not good use, paste a, small rags, small spatulas and the like can be hung up.

With its own slide, pull out, you can pick up things, finished and then push in, smooth and save space.

In addition to the kitchen, the side of the bathroom cabinet is also very suitable, hand towels, cleaning brushes and other small sundries can easily get centralized storage.