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4 super practical home goodies, easy to solve life problems, improve the sense of well-being at home


Good Things > Household

4 super practical home goodies, easy to solve life problems, improve the sense of well-being at home

Some small household items, seemingly insignificant, when the real occupants will be able to find their benefits. And the happiness of home life, but also from these practical superb good things. Nov 20, 2023

1、Disposable toilet brush

Most people may feel that this disposable toilet brush belongs to the "chicken" products, in fact, it is not, you have to see who it is compared with, take the ordinary toilet brush, this disposable will be more clean and hygienic, especially for people who love clean, disposable toilet brush is simply a home tool.

When we use the traditional toilet brush, you will certainly find that the brush head is large to clean the toilet, but also produce odor, and finally lead to the bathroom is getting dirty.

So this disposable toilet brush can completely solve your troubles, its brush head is flat design, can clean the toilet corners, after using a gentle pressure, the brush head can automatically fall off, simple and convenient, really let you do not touch the toilet can be clean.

Disposable toilet brush brush head is containing detergent, dipped in water can be dissolved, with its presence, we do not need to buy toilet bowl cleaner, and compared to ordinary cleaning agents, its effect will be more amazing, every time after cleaning you can also smell a faint fragrance, really awesome.

Usually when we are not in use, you can put it next to the toilet or just hang it up, prepare a will give you a different cleaning experience.

2、Double-layer shoe rack shoe rest

In life, no matter men or women, shoes will accumulate more and more. And the location of the indoor entry door, the shoe cabinet space is limited. So often you will encounter the situation that shoes can not be placed.

Sense is slippers or sneakers, high heels, placed not open can only be stacked in the location of the entry door. Not only is the visual experience very poor, but it also makes outsiders feel like a person who will not take care of.

The double shoe rack shoe holder, this seemingly unattractive small object, it allows shoes to be stored well. The key is that it can save space while allowing shoes to come in pairs, so that the experience process is great whether it is placed or taken. Without such a double-layered shoe rack shoe holder, trying to find a pair of shoes will waste our time, the key will also affect the mood.

So this small object, don't look at the general quality, but the design purpose is very clear, is to let the shoes are reasonably stored up. The double shoe rack shoe holder, in the opinion of the American Home Guide, has now become a must-have shoe storage tool for the home. Even if there is no shoe cabinet indoors, it can also be a good way to categorize and store all kinds of shoes.

3、Pot bottom stain removal cream

Housewives who like to make food, they will have their own good use of pots and pans, but pots and pans after a period of time, even very expensive pots and pans, the bottom will appear thick black dirt, and no matter how you clean it is useless.

Black dirt not only affects your mood of cooking, but also accelerates the service life of pots and pans, for which it is recommended to have this pot bottom stain remover, which can quickly clean the bottom black dirt and make your pots and pans look new.

The method of use is very simple, we apply the stain removal cream, and then repeatedly wipe with a cleaning pad, after several iterations of the stain disappeared.

In addition to being able to clean pots and pans, such as faucets, stovetops, table tops and other such resistant places, we can use this stain removal cream to achieve the effect of removal, convenient and useful.

4、Cave board

In many storage supplies, "hole board" is a very can enhance the happiness of the home artifact. Nowadays, many college students struggle to buy a few years after graduation, basically small homes, such as 80 to 90 square feet of two-bedroom, small three-bedroom, etc.. This kind of house type makes the kitchen and bathroom area very small.

And the kitchen and bathroom and a bunch of things need to be categorized and stored, this time, the value of the "hole board" is reflected.

And many people are now installing cavity panels indoors, and it's not just limited to kitchens and bathrooms anymore. Of course, the kitchen and bathroom are the spaces where holey panels are applied the most, and it is also the normal thinking of most people. In fact, if you think about the super storage ability of cavity panels, it is not difficult to figure out that you can use the storage ability of cavity panels in every corner of the interior, even the location of the entry door.

For example, this homeowner's design is brilliant. A large cavity panel was installed directly on the wall of the entryway. This home decision not only makes the interior more beautiful, but also makes good use of this seemingly insignificant wall.

The key is that this arrangement brings the storage capacity of the cavity board to its fullest. Whether it's hanging makeup bags, hanging clothes or storing keychains, they can all be perfectly solved. So the hole board is called the ceiling of the storage world.



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