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Explosive and useful 4 pieces of home goodies recommended to improve the quality of life, decorate your cozy nest


Good Things > Household

Explosive and useful 4 pieces of home goodies recommended to improve the quality of life, decorate your cozy nest

From kitchen supplies to the living room to clean dust, bedroom dehumidification mite everything, there will certainly be the same is what you need Feb 28, 2024

1、lazy wipe

The first recommended to you is a superb lazy wipe, which is considered a must-have for every family. This kind of consumable products purchased a lot of wipes but never find a satisfactory. At home cooking can not avoid the grease on the table, many partners are headache how to clean up, some also use detergent someone clean up not clean. Here to recommend a lazy wipe, really is superb, completely wipe off grease and vegetable soup, etc., no longer have to worry about getting hands full of odor unpleasant. Moreover, the capacity and quantity of this lazy wipe is particularly large, a volume of 50 sections, which means that the equivalent of 50 times, a few dollars can be used for nearly two or three months, no pain. The main thing is that his material material is wood pulp non-woven fabric, absorbent completely better than ordinary cotton, does not contain any fluorescent agent and other unhealthy things, no health hazards, safe and secure to use, with his existence, ordinary wipes can be withdrawn from the kitchen. Cleaning the kitchen and dining table will become easier and more convenient.

2、Nano glue stickers

Many partners have left messages saying that they want to arrange some stickers and murals at home, but they are worried that the sticky adhesive is not easy to clean up, making the whole house very messy and difficult to clean up, destroying the overall sense of beauty. For such difficulties and problems I strongly recommend a nano glue here. Can completely solve all the problems you worry about, not only can not worry about leaving adhesive traces, but also can play a role in decorating the room. Moreover, the best part of this thing is that it can solve the problem of difficult to clean hair on the floor at home, in the bathroom, with it to stick those hair on the ground a sticky one! You can make your home away from the problem of cleaning shredded hair. Highly recommended partners to get a try, one of the family must-haves.

3、Telescopic pole

Family members will have a lot of clothing will not know how to pack, especially when the change of season obviously feel that the cabinet can not put so many things. A lot of clothes stacked together, rummage need to look for a long time, this time to recommend a telescopic pole. No holes, no complicated installation procedures, do not spend a few dollars can easily solve this problem, you can feel free to arrange in the cabinet, shoe cabinets to open a few expansion stem, only need to fix both ends can be, without any safety hazards, but also can regulate a lot of items, a row of a column looks very pleasant mood. Completely solve the bad situation of your clothing is not organized.

4、 hole plug towel hanging

Many partners in the bedroom when washing and bathing will certainly encounter such a problem and trouble, pick up the use of towels found and then hang back, it is difficult to return to the original state, not fixed at all, and sometimes accidentally then fall to the ground, the towel was soiled. To clean up again or the whole towel stained with bacteria can only be discarded. In response to such a situation, the owner is also deeply felt, so recently found a solution to this aspect of the problem of the magic weapon. That is the hole plug towel hanging, this hole plug type, looks like a vortex wheel. You just need to simply stuff the towel directly into the slot will be able to easily stuck, do not have to worry about the problem of falling. And the design of this is very humane and friendly, his back is free of punching design, easy to install, you can install a mirror or wall respectively, on such a simple object, is definitely to keep you away from this kind of trouble Oh, hurry up and buy to try it.