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Want to be comfortable at home, add these 4 good things, beautiful and practical, full of happiness


Good Things > Kitchenware

Want to be comfortable at home, add these 4 good things, beautiful and practical, full of happiness

Want to be comfortable at home, to add these 4 good things, beautiful and practical, to enhance the sense of well-being, shared with you today. Feb 28, 2024

Multifunctional spice storage rack
If you want to make delicious dishes, then you must use a variety of spices, so many friends home spices are very much, some people will put the spices on the countertop, convenient for us to use, in fact, this method will increase our cooking difficulty, each time you need to find the spices are looking for a period of time, if you are not careful to these bottles and jars to knock down on the countertop, clean up will also be very If you accidentally knock these jars over on the countertop, clean up will be very troublesome.

Therefore, if you are not bad money, then add this multi-functional spice organizer to the kitchen, do not look at its small and delicate appearance, but in fact it is worth every penny, not only has a seasoning area, but also a bottle area, knife area and spatula area, so that most of the kitchen utensils can be easily stored by it, but also very convenient when looking for a glance to help us get what we need, cooking will become easier, so we must not let go of this beautiful, practical and inexpensive good thing.

Fish scale cloth
When cleaning the kitchen, it will make people feel particularly headache, because the kitchen grease is too heavy, it is difficult to wipe clean with a rag alone, but also dirty ordinary rags, if you do not wash the rag for a long time will breed bacteria to make people sick, cleaning rags, and because the rag is too dirty to get down, at this time, most of my friends will feel devastated, so if you are not bad money, we can completely put Kitchen rags are replaced with fish scale cloths.

Fish scale cloth is actually a kind of sweater fabric, looks the same as fish scales, so it is called fish scale cloth, fish scale cloth texture is very soft, the elasticity of the fabric is relatively low, the overall lighter, but use it to wash dishes, and even wipe the faucet, glass, stove top, windows and many other places, can make these places look new, and its water absorption is superb, used to absorb oil is also quite good.

Sometimes, we can also throw away the detergent and clean directly with it to make the place wiped shine, which is still perfect for our home life. So if you need it, you can consider getting it. I believe that after using the fish scale cloth, your home happiness will be improved a lot.

Fresh Cover
Do you still use plastic wrap or lids to keep the leftovers in your house dusty? The disadvantage of cling film is that it is difficult to tear, and the lid is not suitable for all dishes, is there a good method that is universal for all dishes?

It is recommended to use disposable cling sleeve, made of food-grade PE material, elastic mouth design, just pull it open, no matter what shape of the plate is universal, this is multi-functional cling sleeve, can also be used as a shower cap or foot cover.

Electrostatic dust removal paper
It can help you handle the hygiene of your home easily and make cleaning easier from now on.

Electrostatic mop is the use of static electricity will be all the dust at home adsorbed on it, the effect is very magical, you do not need to force to clean, in the place of lint or dust sweep, the dust is all gone, do not need you to wipe back and forth.

Because of the disposable design, you can really become a lazy person, electrostatic mop can do wet and dry, we can choose according to their needs, after dirty can be thrown away directly, saving time and effort.