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Recommend a few good things to make your kitchen sophisticated


Good Things > Kitchenware

Recommend a few good things to make your kitchen sophisticated

How to save time and effort to do housework becomes especially important, especially to efficiently clean the greasy kitchen, which is simply a top priority. Specially recommended a few good things to help you say goodbye to the greasy kitchen. Feb 29, 2024

Ziploc bag

One person cooking, ingredients accidentally prepared more than one, you can use the Ziploc bag in separate categories to freeze in the refrigerator, it is very convenient to eat, but also to prevent the refrigerator string taste. Not only the kitchen can be used, other things on weekdays can also use it storage, according to their needs to choose the size, moisture and pest control.

Trolley hidden in the cupboard

One of the best ways to enhance the happiness of your kitchen is to have a "secret base" to fill your taste buds.

Next to the kitchen refrigerator, or in a badly utilized crevice, add a side expansion cabinet where all the snacks can be stored, pulled open at a glance, and closed completely invisible.

When you don't want to cook, it's great to have a little snack.

If the home decoration, no design of such a telescopic cabinet, it does not matter, with the seam storage trolley instead can be la, the same effect, the cost is also lower.

Put in the kitchen seam position, pull out when used, when not used to put in, not only can put small snacks, but also can store kitchen supplies, very practical.

Narrower, can be used to store spices, neat and tidy, but also to release the countertop space.


Corn kernel peeler

Previously, peeling corn by hand, finger pain; later to facilitate the knife cut, corn kernels have a lot of cut, wasted. Until I came across the corn kernel stripper, easy to operate, fix the corn on the machine, manually turn the corn, the corn kernels easily peeled off, super promotion!

Silicone kitchen mat

When using an induction cooktop, the tabletop may get burnt and dirty. A silicone pad protects it from these stains. Seems to fit easily into a simple design that is thin and unobtrusive.

No-Punch Wall Mounted Hole Board Storage Rack

Hole board has always been a storage tool, and this wall-mounted hole board shelf not only retains the high storage capacity of hole board, but also does not require drilling holes in the wall, so it can be used in a wider range. With a variety of storage boxes and hooks can make full use of the wall space, the practicality is very high. A variety of specifications to choose from is ideal for use in the bathroom.