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Excellent kitchen supplies recommended to give you a sense of well-being when cooking


Good Things > Kitchenware

Excellent kitchen supplies recommended to give you a sense of well-being when cooking

The happiness of the cookware comes from the unparalleled sense of manipulation brought about by the powerful functions and the sense of accomplishment when the food is finally made smoothly Nov 26, 2023

Yanagi cast iron skillet - a breakfast smasher
When the pan first arrived, I suspected I was retarded. This little pan that just fits in one hand had the audacity to sell for over $70!!! Looking at it, I had the illusion of being ripped off.

Then I realized that this is the gospel of single people, cast iron material heating stable heat preservation effect is good, fried eggs tender and delicious, lazy in the morning, as long as the order into the sausage, toast and eggs, well directly to the table, eat after washing the pan on the good, do not have to wash the dishes. Cook a noodle and fry a steak is no pressure. The water spout on both sides of the pot is super useful when simmering the sauce. Because the pot is small, so into the oven without pressure, do a baked rice baked an apple pie or something, and suddenly feel like a Western chef!

Italy MAGLIO NERO kitchen shears - regret buying too late

When I came across these scissors, I was in the mood of a cheating scum, my old love was good but my mind was full of the new love's shadow.

At that time, I had just bought the Fujitsujiro Removable Cooking Scissors, and I was so excited to use them that in addition to handling fish, shrimp and chicken bones, onions, ginger and garlic were all cut directly into the pot. I've been using it for a long time and naturally have a general measure of a good cooking shears - good steel material, non-slip teeth, and prying teeth.

The new MAGLIO not only has all the advantages of Fujitsujiro, scissors head has a small depression used to strangle hard bones, to meet any use scenario in the kitchen, known as the Swiss Army knife in the kitchen, the most damaging is that the price is less than a third of Fujitsujiro! I later bought several of them to give away. With this scissors, a group of men in Inner Mongolia to eat prawns, crabs is also good to fly up ~

Enamel pots and pans - stew can enamel pots and pans are just necessary
This is true. Basically know the enamel pot will recommend the enamel double STAUB and Le, but I still seriously recommend the enamel pot, the overall workmanship details and STUAB and Le is comparable

Enamel pots are good for everything, on two drawbacks, one is heavy, two is expensive, really can be passed on to the family of "expensive" cookware, so choose NetEase at least can solve the "expensive" problem, an enamel pot price and Liu Zongli a small size cast iron frying pan about the same, but also What bicycle. The best thing to do here is to buy a white enamel pot, so that the soup stew looks creamy white glaze wrapped in fragrant soup, much better than black enamel.

Japanese original Tojiro Tojiro stainless steel Denglongmen kitchen knife
Kitchenware lovers and cooking enthusiasts are completely two kinds of human beings, housemates also want to greet chicken bones with my Tojiro 180mm powdered steel beef knife, in order to avoid not knowing the knife they hurt my baby knife, specially for them into a Tojiro Chinese Katana

After entering this knife, my roommate found it smooth and sharp and no longer coveted my other kitchen knives. I have to say, whether it is a Western-style kitchen knife or a cattle knife is to emphasize the wrist force, with the habit of chopping and pulling the cut of the Chinese people do not match, so somehow cooking or Chinese blockbuster knife "good to use". There is another egg is that the most masculine of the housemates in Inner Mongolia, like to use the knife to shoot cucumbers, since the knife, the knife handle has never been shot crooked ~