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Super good kitchen storage methods, known as the best kitchen storage template


Good Things > Storage

Super good kitchen storage methods, known as the best kitchen storage template

Small spaces can be turned into storage templates. Today to share the details to do well in the kitchen, so you can make the kitchen life "happiness" multiplied Nov 30, 2023

The wall position above the kitchen countertop, if only to let waste, it is too bad, so in making good use of this space, so that can countertop above 50% of the clutter. This into the wall can use the combination of horizontal bar + S hook, can be originally placed on the countertop of all the small items to the wall storage, the use of the countertop instantly become neat, so that the kitchen line more efficient.

Use the nail-free wall storage kit on the wall, so that you can extend the shelves to store cups, hanging baskets to store chopsticks, multi-level cutting board racks, pot lids and so on, all hanging on the wall to free up space on the countertop, so that the kitchen wall is truly not wasted every foot of space. Wall mounted pot lid rack + drip tray, every time I do not know where to put the pot lid can also be stored properly.

For the whole cabinet in the kitchen, regardless of the upper cabinet is designed to be closed, or open shelves, at this time can be installed in the cabinet below a suspended shelves, put some of the fruits and vegetables without refrigeration, storage utensils, paper towels, cling film, kitchen supplies is also excellent, greatly releasing the space of the refrigerator.

The sink is used every day, but many items just after washing will still have the presence of water, it is necessary to install a sink draining rack. Install some in the vicinity of the sink, so that just washed bowls, pots and pans can be placed directly on it, increasing storage space at the same time, the washed dishes will be placed vertically for storage, convenient to take and put, but also to facilitate the ventilation and drying of dishes, but also to free up a lot of space for the cabinet to place other items.

In the kitchen drawers are essential, you can use the dividers to separate the tableware, so that whether it is bowls, plates, pots and pans side stand up storage, help to put in order, no matter which one you want to take will be very convenient, do not have to find something every time you have to turn half a day to find

There are many different shapes of dividers that can be purchased according to your preference. But no matter which form, after placement can play a good storage.

Dividers for storage of everyday dishes is very useful, so that the usual placement of such a very troublesome items, storage and use are very convenient. Not only can you make full use of space, but it is also very convenient to take and put. Try to avoid piling up the top and bottom, so that the items can be taken independently to improve efficiency.